Shambhala Gala on Feb. 24 with Cuban dance instruction

Please join us at Hotel Boulderado on Feb. 24 from 7-11pm. The evening features: dj, dancing, dance instruction, appetizers and drinks, and a drawing for prizes! Heidi Mecklenburg will be teaching Casino and she discusses here her vision for the evening: “…Casino is a Cuban dance that has the same roots as Salsa, but is slightly different. It can easily be (and often is) danced to Salsa music. I will also teach “Rueda de Casino” which is a community dance in a circle, with partners but switching, based on called moves. Of course, you switch partners constantly and there is no restriction on what role people choose to dance. I will teach basic footwork, which would apply to both Salsa and Casino, and then a little bit of partnered Rueda.”
Here is a link to an example of Rueda de Casino, in the wild-ish. This is the advanced Boulder group, we would only learn a few of these things at the Gala, enjoy! Click here to watch video.
Click here to read the complete Gala schedule and register online. We look forward to seeing you there!

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