Job Opening at the Boulder Shambhala Center

Administrative Assistant and Community Outreach Director

Do you love Shambhala? Do you like to work hard, build great teams, and create lively community events? Would you like to be paid to attend multiple retreats a year with free tuition? If so, this might be for you!

Job Description

The AACOD is responsible for planning and implementing four seasonal community events; weekly Monday Night Community Gatherings; and the monthly Garuda Social Club. In addition, the AACOD will lead planning and implementation of periodic social engagement and interfaith programs, and support the Membership Coordinator with an annual membership drive.

The AACOD is responsible for arranging contractual agreement for space rentals, including weddings, Shing Kams and Sukhavatis.

The AACOD will hire, train and supervise Front Desk Hosts as needed.

Special Projects:
The AACOD will support special projects at the Executive Director’s discretion, such as supporting significant building repairs (in coordination with the Director of Operations), grant proposals, fundraising, internships, data gathering and surveys.

The AACOD will report to the Executive Director.

Desired Background – Skills
The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate experience in event planning, with emphasis on team leadership and budgeting. Familiarity with operational finances generally is important, along with basic Excel spreadsheet and Word skills.

Additionally, the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate competence in detailed planning, communication, and time management skills.

The successful candidate will also be able to describe effective approaches for establishing teams and partnerships that result in sane, creative, and productive activity.

Desired Background – Shambhala View
In order to represent Shambhala and promote the vision of the Great Eastern Sun, the successful candidate will have completed, at a minimum, the Rigden Weekend. Completion of Enlightened Society Assembly, Warrior Assembly, and/or Sacred World Assembly is a plus.

Annual Salary: $35,000
Retreat benefit: 3 weeks per year to attend Shambhala retreats; free tuition at land centers
BSC benefits: Free tuition to all BSC programs, except teacher honoraria when applicable
Vacation: 2 weeks per year
Dental coverage

Equal Opportunity
We highly encourage People of Color and those from the LGTBQ community and from all walks of life to apply!

Application Deadline: October 25, 2017

Please send enquires to Include a brief summary of your relevant qualifications for this role and job history.


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