Yeshe Tsogyal: A Celebration of Feminine Principle with the Sakyong Wangmo

The Boulder Shambhala Center is pleased to host a weekend on Yeshe Tsogyal Sept. 22-23, 2017.  Yeshe Tsogyal is a celebrated eighth-century Tibetan princess who renounced a life of privilege and endured tremendous austerities to attain awakening and become a legendary practitioner and spiritual master. Yeshe Tsogyal is a central figure in the terma tradition and the transmission of Dzogchen or Great Perfection. This program also celebrates feminine principle, which will be explored experientially on Saturday.
This year is particularly significant as 2017 marks the international year of feminine principle, as embodied in the great warrior dakini Yeshe Tsogyal.

The event opens on Friday evening with a public talk by Acharya Holly Gayley on the “The Life and Liberation of Yeshe Tsogyal.” Click here to register for the Friday evening program only.

On Saturday, The Sakyong Wangmo will offer song, practice and blessings. Acharya Melissa Moore will lead an exploration of feminine principle in the Vajrayana context, including Yeshe Tsogyal as Queen of Samsara and Nirvana and consort to Padmasambhava. The day will conclude with a blessing line and celebration. There will be an opportunity to offer a heart gift to the Sakyong Wangmo. The Saturday Program is for Vajrayana students only.

To register for the Friday evening public program with Acharya Holly Gayley click here.
To register for the complete weekend (for Vajrayana students) click here.

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