Introducing Garuda Social Club!

….And now for something a little Outrageous!


Next month Boulder Shambhala will be launching a new monthly event every third Thursday called the Garuda Social Club. What is the Garuda Social Club, you maybe asking yourself? Well, it is going to be a place where the community can celebrate community, arts and culture together in a fun and uplifted environment.

For the past few years we have been getting feedback from the community about a desire for an ongoing forum for community members to share their arts, talents and abilities with their fellow Shambhalians and friends and we are hoping that Garuda Social Club can fill that gap by offering our beautiful Community Room as a place to gather, mingle, and enjoy each others’ skills and arts.

As many of us have experienced, the celebrations that often occur at the end of a class, longer program or retreat will occasionally include cultural offerings where that person you’ve been quietly meditating next to for the past week (or longer) turns out to be a phenomenal musician, poet, or dancer… How would you have known?!? One of the goals of Garuda Social Club is to get to know our fellow community members in that way, instead of having to wait until the end of a Dathun to find out!

Another element of our Shambhala Culture has always been food, but instead of the usual cookie, cracker, cheese plate we thought it would be hip and fun to just invite a food truck to pull up out back and allow people to treat themselves to a snack or even a whole meal! That’s right we will be inviting a rotating cast of food trucks to join us throughout the year!

Enjoy the musical stylings of James Thorpe and eat some delicious food from Stone Lotus for our inaugural Garuda Social Club gathering.

So please stop by at your leisure on June 15th to enjoy food, conversation, and entertainment!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Garuda Social Club!

  1. Also I’d like to stop by Garuda this eve, but may have my grandchildren in tow.
    Is that appropriate ?
    If not see you next month.

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