Job Opening at BSC! Revised requirements & deadline extended to Feb. 17

Job Opening at the Boulder Shambhala Center!


The Boulder Shambhala Center is seeking a full-time employee to serve as its “Community Office Director” whose main responsibilities are to support and grow our membership; invite and deploy our volunteers; and provide administrative support for the Executive Director’s social engagement initiatives.

BSC has a large and active community (600+ members, 20 delegs) with an ongoing need for volunteer service at every level of programming and for enlarging and diversifying our membership base. The successful applicant will be familiar with Shambhala culture, be outgoing and energetic in nature, able to manage competing expectations, frequently available on evenings and weekends, and able to work in a team environment with our staff of eight and the Governing Council.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Applicant deadline is Friday February 17th. Please send cover letter (e-mail text is fine) and resume to

Applicant Requirements:

  • Leadership experience in community building;
  • Competent with internet-based tools, Word and Excel;
  • Friendly, uplifted, articulate, with good writing skills;
  • Ability to relate to people from many backgrounds, perspectives;
  • Familiarity with Shambhala culture and decorum.

Desired Experience:

  • Shambhala Guide or Meditation Instructor;
  • Completion of Enlightened Society Assembly or Warrior Assembly;
  • Familiarity with Boulder sangha;
  • Familiarity with (and loyalty to) the Shambhala mandala.

Responsibilities – Reports to the Executive Director

  1. Membership
    Financial: Monthly dues reconciliation/reports; annual membership reports, tax letters;
    Database: Monthly BSC/Shambhala member reconciliation; annual on-line member directory;
    Delegs & Community: Promoting 20 delegs in collaboration with Membership Chair and dekyongs; Connecting members in difficulty to resources such as the Community Care Council, Boulder Community Trust, Societal Health and Well-Being representative, Desung, etc.
    Communication: Working with Publicity Manager to increase visibility/relevance of “Members” section of website and member participation in blog and newsletter;
    Connecting to newcomers about membership by attending public programs, Way of Shambhala events, etc.
    Leading quarterly New Member Orientations with Culture & Decorum representative.
  1. Path of Service
    Create a fresh view and structure of volunteer training and service in collaboration with the Volunteer Chair;
    Based on the annual calendar, identify volunteer needs and implement a plan for inviting, training, recruiting and acknowledging;
    Work with Publicity Manager regarding volunteer opportunity communication and sign-up (bulletin board, digital platform).
  1. Assistant to the Executive Director
    Meeting weekly with the Executive Director to review upcoming outreach/social engagement initiatives and track logistics, personnel, contacts, publicity, etc.


Salary and Benefits

– $31,200 gross annual salary;

– Two weeks paid vacation;

– Three weeks paid retreat time;

– Significant tuition discounts at Shambhala land centers;

– Free tuition at most BSC programs;

– Dental insurance;

– Parking spot in downtown Boulder!


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