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The Boulder Shambhala Center is delighted to be hosting Sangyum Agness Au’s upcoming class The Inseparable Union of Feminine & Masculine Principles. 

This six week class should be an amazing investigation of the multifaceted topic of masculine and feminine principles as understood by Shambhala principles.

At the heart of all that can be experienced externally, internally and across genders, we find the elemental dynamic of the feminine and masculine principles.

The glorious dharma provides a wealth of diverse methods to comprehend and realize this profundity, yet we often mistake these principles for gender.  Such false assumptions can affect one’s practice, self-identity and relationships in the world. Using a profound and practical system to clearly map these fundamental Shambhala and Buddhist teachings, we will work to discover and appreciate their essence, activity and relationship; through basic, biased and realized states.

Using readings from Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s texts, “Glimpses of Space” and “Glimpses of Realization” this rich course should be an amazing look at this difficult and often mis-understood topic!

To register click here, hope to see you there!



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