Check out the new issue of The Arrow

If you enjoy fresh ideas and grappling with the deeper issues that shape our society, don’t miss the latest issue of “The Arrow: A Journal of Wakeful Society, Culture and Politics.”

The Arrow was founded by two members of the Boulder Shambhala Community, Kai Beavers and Gabe Dayley, as a publication that engages in critical discourse about the relationship of spirituality to modes of social engagement on political, social, and ecological issues.

This new issue, Acharya Daniel Hessey investigates the ways in which social rituals can become tools for reconnecting the sacred with everyday life in an article called “Ideas of Order: Science and Ceremony in Everyday Life.” Visit The Arrow’s website to read this article, and many others published earlier this year.

Also, congratulations to The Arrow for being selected to receive a grant from the Shambhala Trust to help get this venture off the ground.